About Us

About Us

Enko Trade was established in 2012, shortly after establishment Enko Trade and manufacturer of fire rated access panel/door Tempo closed a partnership agreement to full satisfactory of both firms. With a lot of effort and outstanding products both firms build up a reputation and a leading role in the sector of fire rated and non-fire rated access panels and doors. Enko Trade uses her know-how and progressive techniques as well as her highly experienced and qualified staff members to deliver her products to her customers anywhere in the world.
Enko Trade's wide range of products consists of Fire Rated/ Non-Fire Rated Access Panels and Doors and also Aluminium Fuga Profiles. Our products are worldwide recognized and delivered in the area of safety, quality and trust as well as fair price-politics and our customers are guaranteed high-satisfaction.

All products are CE-certified and ISO:9001 tested.

Our Fire Rated Access Panels meet the highest demands. Manufactured of A1-Class Non Combustible material and moisture and water resistant. Fire resistance class
F90/EI120 tested by Efectis Era who granted us an internationally valid certificate.

Main product groups are as followed:
Access Panels
Metal Access Panels
Access Panels for Tiling
Shaft Wall Access Panels
Fire Rated Access Panels
Fuga Profiles

What makes Enko Trade so special:
We are flexible and we build lasting partnerships based on mutual trust. We also keep our promises and are service orientated. We have 2 sales offices in Europe to provide fast and secure services for our relations. We guarantee fast delivery and high-quality products. We offer a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty on the entire range of Enko Trade. We have got solutions for any wall-and ceiling system due to our broad range of models which are applicable on all kind of surfaces. We are continuously in movement to develop the perfect Access Panel for the needs of our relations.

Material details 

For enhancement and for meeting various functions, Enko Trade can offer you a wide range of access panels insulating, watertight, shaft wall systems and a fire break, as well as being able to be tiled.
We also manufacture made-to-measure access panels that can meet all your requirements, regardless of the types and dimensions of the substrate. Various colors and materials are available, and all our access panels are designed for fitting rapidly so your cables and installations will be accessible via an easy to open system.

About Us