Access Panels For Hotels

27 Dec 2018
Access Panels For Hotels

Access Panels For Hotels
Enko Trade has been providing access panels solutions to hotels, restaurants and other hospitality projects because our products address many concerns that arise in hotel environments. Designed especially with our own patent, Enko models combine modern design principles with the highest construction standards.
For both new construction and renovation, our technical and customer service representatives will work with you to meet site-specific conditions, logistics and project schedules. We can design, price and supply on time and budget world-wide.
Access Panels in Custom Sizes
Our nearly invisible panels can easily be customized to create service openings to fit almost any equipment size. Minimize the loss of room days due to equipment replacement by installing properly sized access openings, which allow full access to HVAC equipment. By properly sizing filter access openings in guestroom walls and ceilings, service technicians can easily reach filters and shutoffs. In the past, ugly/ improvised access covers often had to be located in closets and room-service had to remove guests's clothing to allow service entry.