Eko Aqua

Eko Aqua


Works with push-push system easy to open and
Close Snap closure
Suitable for 12,5,15 and 25mm plasterboard, tiles, granite, marmer, wet areas
Can be used on walls
Production available for desired sizes
Aluminium electrostatic powder coated
Mechanism is made of zamak and steel
Non fire rated access panel

Available in 3 different mechanisms:
Option 1 : Snap closure by pushing the inner frame will release itself automatically
Option 2 : Snap closure by pushing the inner frame will open like a door
Option 3 : Applicable for panels starting from the floor by pushing the innerframe (snap closure) will open from the top


Measure table

The standard measurements of our Access Panels which we manufacture you can see in our table. Besides these measurements we also manufacture Bespoke Access Panels. If you can supply us with your measurements for Bespoke Access Panels we will advice you on delivery time.

ThicknessHeight WidthWeight
50 mm20 cm20 cm1 kg.
50 mm25 cm25 cm1,25 kg
50 mm30 cm30 cm1,55 kg
50 mm40 cm40 cm2,25 kg
50 mm45 cm45 cm2,65 kg
50 mm40 cm60 cm2,98 kg
50 mm50 cm50 cm3,10 kg
50 mm60 cm60 cm4,06 kg
50 mm60 cm120 cm7,70 kg