Shaft Wall Access Panel F90 / EI120 minutes

Shaft Wall Access Panel F90 / EI120 minutes


In shaft 1049ºC - 120 minutes, Out of shaft 1006ºC - 90 minutes.The shaft lid protects your electrical and mechanical installations on the structure in a safe and decorative way. In the event of a possible fire, the installation shafts allow the fire to move quickly to the upper zones by making a chimney effect, preventing the use of the installation shaft cover and the fires that occur in the neighborhood to reach the installation sites and fires that may occur in the installation shafts.

Measure table

The standard measurements of our Access Panels which we manufacture you can see in our table. Besides these measurements we also manufacture Bespoke Access Panels. If you can supply us with your measurements for Bespoke Access Panels we will advice you on delivery time.

ThicknessHeight WidthWeight
12 cm40 cm40 cm (MAX 140CM)11 kg
12 cm50 cm50 cm (MAX 140CM)14 kg
12 cm60 cm60 cm (MAX 140CM)18 kg
12 cm70 cm70 cm (MAX 140CM)21 kg
12 cm80 cm80 cm (MAX 140CM)25 - 63 kg