24 Jan 2019


As Enko Trade we are adopting sustainable development strategies in order to leave a better world for the future generations. We treat social, environmental and economic issues as intertwined and related. Our prior responsibilities at social, environmental and economic issues:


Human Rights
Respect and support international Human Rights and take responsibility
to prevent violations
Increase awareness against all kind of violations including family

Occupational Health and Safety
Recognize health and safety primarly

Customer Health and Safety through Products and Service lifecycle
Give priority to customer health and safety through product and
service lifecycle
Share information about health, safety and environmental impact of our
products and services with our customers systematically and

Business Beyond Legal Arrangements
Maintain method of doing business beyond full compliance of legal
Confirm transparency, fairness, responsibility and accountability in
corporate governance

Information Security
Protect information confidentiality, integrity and accessibility and
increase our company awareness about information security

Employee Rights
Maintain the business ethics guidelines
Recognize equal opportunity is one of the fundamental part of social
Support the elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labor
and the effective abolition of child labor
Respect and recognize our employees' rights of organization,
unionization and collective bargaining, which are most fundamental
rights emanating from the constitution and international agreements
Avoid discrimination in recruitment
Take responsible attitude in balancing work and private life for our

Development Journey
Become employer of choice
Carry out corporate and individual performance evaluation process by
deploying strategies and targets to organization and employees
Create a participative working environment by being best practices
with our corporate development approaches


Efficient Use of Natural Resources and Less Waste
Develop our way of doing business for efficient use of natural
Reduce water consumption
Carry on operations in accordance with waste reduction at source
Carry on operations with not polute instead of cleaning principle

Energy and Carbon Management
Combat against global climate change
Use renewable and efficient energy
Reduce our environmental impacts by controlling their affects

Environmentally Friendly Products and Services
Care about environmental friendly, safe, stable and high quality
understanding while developing our products
Consider impacts of our products and services through their lifecycle

Respect for Biodiversity
Consider biodiversity and ecosystem while developing environment
strategies and designing operations


Responsible Value Chain Practices
Generate and distribute higher economic value
Gain competitive advantage and ensure sustainable profit in our value
chain with continuous improvement and development
Support sustainable development with early identification of corporate
risks and taking precautions and deploying risk management culture
Ensure continuity of critical products and services with our business
continuity principles
Ensure compliance of our suppliers to universal human rights, equal
oppurtunities and our business ethics principles
Work with suppliers complying all regulations including safe working
environment, working hours and compensation

Innovation and Entreprenuership
Place innovation and entreprenuership at the focus of corporate